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Reasons for Buying a Safesleeve

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It is quite rare to find someone who does not own or use an electronic displaying gadget in the current time. And it is because this is the generation that has the most advanced technology. If you look around you will realize that almost everything is going digital and people now own smartphones or laptops that they use daily. With mass production of these gadgets going on, these gadgets have become affordable and in turn have also turned out to make both work and communication easy. However, you should be smarter about caring and using these gadgets so that they can serve you better and for longer.

Radiation Protection

If you did not know that your electronic gadgets emit dangerous radiations, then you need to learn and understand your gadgets better. Modern devices including laptops and smartphone emit emissions that are unsafe for you. Smart people already know this, and they are buying safesleeves to protect themselves from these unseen yet dangerous threats to their health. Making sure that you are exposed to as minimal radiations as possible is not only necessary but essential.


You will be happy to know that safesleeves not only protect you, but they also protect your phone from cracks and scratches. Many people who have owned electronic gadgets like a smartphone have felt the pinch of their phone dropping and cracking. It is a fact that phones are delicate and can easily crack when they fall. However, once you have bought a quality safesleeve, the chances of saving your precious phone from breaking are usually high.


Now that you have known the importance of buying a quality safesleeve, the next quiz you may be asking yourself is where on earth you can find such a valuable item. The simple answer is online. This is the age of e-commerce which means that you do not have to stop working on your day job just to go out shopping. Now you can search online and find stores that sell these wonderful items and make an order.


It is wise that you read reviews before you decide to order for your safesleeve. Note that there many companies out there that make these items but not everyone makes those that are of high-quality standards.

Safesleeve Anti Radiation


Have you ever heard of safesleeve? This is the number one protector for cell phone radiation. Safesleeve has been tested in an FCC lab and proved to block over 99% of radiation. It is very simple to use safesleeve. You only need to flip it open when answering and then you re-close when speaking to be protected from this harmful radiation emitted.



What about when your cell phone is in the pocket? Safesleeve offers protection even at this stage; you only need to position your cell phone in such a way that the front flap faces your body. Safesleeve is made of a double protective rugged case. The inner part has a silicone shell so that it holds your phone in place while the outer case which has been reinforced with a magnetic latch helps to hold it close.

This sleeve also has other interesting features like an inbuilt cell phone case wallet. You can get your cash or even up to four cards in it. It is amazing because you don’t have to move around with your bulky wallet instead use safesleeve which is a lightweight package.

It is true every phone emits radiation to some degree, but, with Safesleeve anti radiation, we don’t have to worry much anymore. Very soon, safesleeve will be available for all models of cell phones. Currently, it is available for iphone 5, 5s, six plus and 6. The case is available offered in beige, black and grey color. The outside feels like leather but is made up of synthetic polyurethane.

Genuine leather will also be out soon. This material is also capable of protecting your phone should you drop it. This case will also not affect your phone performance or battery at any point. The material used to make this safesleeve is durable and provide protection all round that is, there are no cracks, scratches, and dings.

Other than absorbing RF, EFL and thermal radiation, this certified FCC lab tested radiation shielding foil also blocks RFID signal and reduces your exposure by a much higher percentage. This case is made of a high level of craftsmanship. How? It can be folded to make a stand that is adjustable for you to watch a video without holding the phone.

Safe sleeve wallet helps block hackers from skimming data from your cell phone through radio frequencies. This makes these wallets important for keeping your data safe at all time. Safe sleeve gives only passive shielding of RFID signals since it is a blocking sleeve.



You still wonder how safesleeve works? This safe sleeve anti-radiation and RFID blocking wallet actively divert radiation away from brain tissues in the head. If you have not tested safesleeve on your cell phone its high time, you do. The effects of radiation to our health are so adverse especially those coming from cell phones, in our current era nearly everyone has a cell phone and therefore to protect our health I strongly suggest we go for the outstanding radiation blocker. Try safesleeve today you will be amazed at its outstanding performance.