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Factors to Consider When Hiring an Electronic Waste Recycling Company

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Computer recycling companies play an important role in recycling the obsolete and electronic wastes from various business firms and organizations. These electronic waste recyclers use different and most effective methods to recycle the electronic waste and try to resell, reuse or refurbish the electronics.

When you are choosing the best computer recycling company, you will want a trusted partner, although it is difficult to find the best recycling company.


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If you are looking for the best electronic recycling company for your business, ensure you check the facilities available in that company. It is always important to choose a company that has enough facilities for the effective recycling process.

The premises should be big enough to accommodate more and productive working environment. The machines for recycling should be advanced and use updated technology to recycle electronic waste.

Qualified Staff

The electronic company you hire should have experienced and experts who understand the effective ways to recycle electronic waste. The company should be able to offer thorough training to workers to ensure they maintain the required workload in the recycling company.

The workers should be organized and work professionally to satisfy their clients. In addition, the workers of the electronic recycling company should be able to handle customers politely and offer the required information in case one needs an inquiry.


When you choose an electronic waste recycling company, ensure that the waste and data of your organization is safely recycled. Some electronics may contain information about your organization, and you need to ensure that the recycle company can eliminate the data and prevent it from unauthorized access. Data security should be paramount in the electronic recycling company so that they can maintain their integrity.


You need to hire companies that are permitted by the government to operate as electronic waste recyclers. Otherwise, you need to walk away from the companies that you cannot trust in handling your electronic waste.

Ensure that the recycler has a license from a well-known licensing company. The license is an indication that the recycling company is operating and complying with the quality standards as well as rules and regulations of the government.

Cost of Services

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When you are choosing the best electronic recycling company, the price of the factors should not be the driving factor, but it is worth to consider. You need to choose a company that will charge you favorably. You need to discuss with the company on the price of the services earlier to avoid a misunderstanding later.

However, you need to beware that cheap is not always the best option. As you are checking the price of the recycling services, ensure that the services are maintained in the best quality. Besides negotiating the price, ensure that the recycling company will not cause any harm to your company in the recycling process.

Common storage devices you should know

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With the advent of the internet and cloud computing, storage devices seen to be facing a quiet extinction. Various storage devices could be used for offline information storage, especially useful for when there is not internet connection, and also doubles up as good data backup. In this article, we look at some of the common storage devices that everyone should be familiar with.

Everyday storage devicesCD

CD, VCD, and DVD

These are optical storage devices that are disc shaped and used mostly to store multimedia data. The CD seems to have been phased out by the VCD ad DVD. The VCD is especially suitable for storing audio files and the DVD larger video files. All computers support the technology. Most laptops come with an optical drive to read this storage unit. If the drive is not present, one can acquire USB based one and use them instead. The VCD has 700 MB of space and the DVD 4.7 GB. They are write-once meaning that once data has been written on them, no more can be added. In some cases, there are some that are re-writable.

Flash drives

Also known as thumb drives, flash drives are pretty standard. They are used to transfer all sorts of files and media. Their small size makes them portable and convenient for use in multiple devices. They also come with all kinds of capacities, ranging from 1 to 64 GB. These storage devices are crucial to know as they are used almost in all environments. For instance, they are employed in the office to transfer files from one department to another or use to hold videos to watch later on the TV. On the downside, they are the primary carriers of malware and viruses so make sure to have a proper anti-malware and anti-virus utilities installed in your computer before using this storage device.

Mechanical drives

Mechanical drives are declining in use especialSSDly with the introduction f SSD. While they tend to be slower and bulky, they have earned their place by getting us by since the invention of computers. These days, the drives are housed in an external casing that containers a controller that allows the drives to run via USB, making them portable and reliable. These drives are quickly phasing out and owning one will be a real relic to marvel in the future.

These are some of the storage devices everyone should know by heart. As technology continues to advance, it is possible for these devices to be renders obsolete like the floppy disk, so make use of them while you still can.