Five Tech Tips to Improve Your Company’s Business Communication

a modern office

Business communication is the foundation of all modern companies. Ten years ago, big manufacturing businesses may not need to bother with social media representation. But today, even a heavy machinery manufacturer like Caterpillar Inc. has a Twitter account. People don’t use person-to-person recommendations anymore. They rely more on the information available on the Internet.

Therefore, as a business owner, you have to know how to harness the information technology for your benefits. And here are five tips for that.

Integrate a Fax System

a fax machineAlthough fax machines may sound outdated, many sectors in business still use them. Financial reports, medical records, x-ray photos, legal papers, and even some contracts are the types of documents that are usually faxed instead of being sent online. Besides, modern fax machines can be integrated with emails and are multifunctional (they can print and scan), which makes them a worthy investment.

All you need is to get an email fax number from a local fax provider and buy several fax machines. And you are ready to accept faxed documents sent through either another fax machine or email.

A Social Intranet Software

social intranet softwarePeople in the office used to make casual conversations with each other during the break. And when they wanted to communicate about something related to their jobs, office phones were the gadget to use. Today, you can wrap those functions into one hub, the social intranet software. It will facilitate all users to communicate with each other using chats, videos, and even calls. Different software has different features, and you can choose according to your needs.

Collaborative Digital Workspace

Digital workspace is basically a software that enables groups of people to collaborate on projects interactively. It has the element of real-time chats, just like the social intranet software, but it has more features that allow users to share files, links, and the editing history of the project being worked on.

Mobile Gadgets

working with a tabLaptops used to be enough to facilitate employees to work. But as we know now, sitting in a desk for more than eight hours can be counterproductive. Big companies like Google and Microsoft allow their workers to wander around the office while working because sedentary habits hamper creativity. If you are on board with this view, then you should invest in tablets or iPads.

Cloud Storage

All the techs above won’t be optimal enough without cloud storage. Imagine working on the digital workspace, but you have to download all the required files from the Internet every time you work on them, or you have to use a flash drive when you want to share the data with your colleagues. It will waste everyone’s time and increase the chances of getting unsynchronized data. You have to put all your company’s data in one cloud app.