Cold Chain Transport Services

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Temperature sensitive products should be handled with maximum care to maintain their quality and freshness. Most people have the necessary facilities to store these products. The only challenge faced by businesses dealing with temperature sensitive products is logistics. Businesses need insulated shipping products to keep these items. On the other, you might enlist the services of a cold chain transport partner such as Cryo PDP. Working with dedicated professionals ensures that the quality of your products is not compromised in any way.

Here are some temperature-sensitive products that require specialized cold chain logistics.

Medical Products

medical products

Most products used in hospital and labs tend to be temperature sensitive. Whether you are transporting vaccines, medical devices, blood, hormones, or pharmaceutical products, it is imperative to ensure that these products are protected from weather extremes. The temperature requirements for different products vary considerably. Thus, it is essential to ensure each product is kept at optimal temperatures to avoid it from degrading in terms of quality.

Animal Health Products

Animal health relies on cryogenic storage in many ways. Cold chain transport plays a vital role in both local and international transport. These services are designed to cater to the needs of laboratories and livestock farmers. The good thing about cold chain logistic companies is that they also offer other support services such as cryogenic storage, equipment relocation services, and dry shipping.


Meat is another temperature sensitive products. When transporting meat over long distances, it is imperative to keep in a controlled environment. Meat products are prone to different bacteria, and most of them are quick to pounce whenever they find the right temperatures. Bacterial infestation only takes a matter of a few hours. What does thing mean? Meat handling requires exceptional handling which can only be attained through insulated packaging and transport.

Fresh Fruit

fresh grapesSome fruits, not all, tend to be quite sensitive to temperatures. This is especially the case for berries and other thin-skinned fruits. Poor packaging and transport often result in quality issues such as bruising of the fruit and vegetables. Also, there is a likelihood of having the fruits lose their taste due to bacterial attacks. As such, fresh fruits require optimal cold chain storage and logistics for the customers to enjoy quality products.

You cannot rely on general shipping and logistics partners when transporting temperature-sensitive products. You need a dedicated partner who provides insulated shipping services and cold chain transport to meet set quality standards.