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Safesleeve Anti Radiation


Have you ever heard of safesleeve? This is the number one protector for cell phone radiation. Safesleeve has been tested in an FCC lab and proved to block over 99% of radiation. It is very simple to use safesleeve. You only need to flip it open when answering and then you re-close when speaking to be protected from this harmful radiation emitted.



What about when your cell phone is in the pocket? Safesleeve offers protection even at this stage; you only need to position your cell phone in such a way that the front flap faces your body. Safesleeve is made of a double protective rugged case. The inner part has a silicone shell so that it holds your phone in place while the outer case which has been reinforced with a magnetic latch helps to hold it close.

This sleeve also has other interesting features like an inbuilt cell phone case wallet. You can get your cash or even up to four cards in it. It is amazing because you don’t have to move around with your bulky wallet instead use safesleeve which is a lightweight package.

It is true every phone emits radiation to some degree, but, with Safesleeve anti radiation, we don’t have to worry much anymore. Very soon, safesleeve will be available for all models of cell phones. Currently, it is available for iphone 5, 5s, six plus and 6. The case is available offered in beige, black and grey color. The outside feels like leather but is made up of synthetic polyurethane.

Genuine leather will also be out soon. This material is also capable of protecting your phone should you drop it. This case will also not affect your phone performance or battery at any point. The material used to make this safesleeve is durable and provide protection all round that is, there are no cracks, scratches, and dings.

Other than absorbing RF, EFL and thermal radiation, this certified FCC lab tested radiation shielding foil also blocks RFID signal and reduces your exposure by a much higher percentage. This case is made of a high level of craftsmanship. How? It can be folded to make a stand that is adjustable for you to watch a video without holding the phone.

Safe sleeve wallet helps block hackers from skimming data from your cell phone through radio frequencies. This makes these wallets important for keeping your data safe at all time. Safe sleeve gives only passive shielding of RFID signals since it is a blocking sleeve.



You still wonder how safesleeve works? This safe sleeve anti-radiation and RFID blocking wallet actively divert radiation away from brain tissues in the head. If you have not tested safesleeve on your cell phone its high time, you do. The effects of radiation to our health are so adverse especially those coming from cell phones, in our current era nearly everyone has a cell phone and therefore to protect our health I strongly suggest we go for the outstanding radiation blocker. Try safesleeve today you will be amazed at its outstanding performance.

Reasons To Have Instaroid At Your Wedding

wedding party

If you are planning a wedding, it is a special day for you. Friends and family will be gathered to celebrate with you on your big day. This is a day that people who may not have seen each other for a while meet and connect. Memories will be formed that will last a lifetime. A great way of having memorable times is by capturing the moments of the day and the people as they interact. One way is by having an opportunity to capture these moments. A photographer can play a big role, however with technology one can have other options where people can get real time photos printed. This is by using the services of an instaroid. Below we will find out why to have one.

Why Instaroid

What it isparty

The instaroid is a device that is used to print real-time photos the about in dimension 85.60 x 53.98mm which is the size of a credit card. This size can fit well in a wallet and be the perfect memento for your wedding guests. The device is easy to operate and setup, it is compact and light.

Capture instant moments by the guests

Instaroid is a great way of capturing moments. The guests are able to use their phones to capture their own photos at what ever angle they want. This gives them the chance to have the camera in their hands. The guest has the freedom to take whatever photo they want and use as they mingle and connect with people. This also keeps people mingling and chatting.

Print and take home option

Once one has captured the photos, they can print the photos in real time. This will enable the guests to keep the memories with the people they have taken the photos with. The guests and even the bridal couple can take as many photos as they want in remembrance of the day. Which is an excellent way to have mementos with people? One can also receive soft copies of the photos they have taken via email.

Able to upload social media accounts on what is happening

social mediaOne is able to upload and post the photos they have taken on various social media accounts. This is a great way of letting your social media followers know what is happening.

Finally, one can tailor the background to have your theme. It is also possible to tailor-make the background design and layout of the photos according to the theme of the wedding.

Buying The Flashlight To Meet Your Needs

Flashlight with keys

Be sure you ask yourself a few of these questions before you make the decision to get yourself a flashlight. Are you aware of the difference between xenon bulb and LED? Are the batteries re-chargeable? Are you looking for a flashlight that’s not that big in size or do you need one that’s very large?Here are the tips to consider when locating a tactical flashlight for your needs.

1. Altering the Intensity

The intensity adjustment is one of the most common features of the modern day flashlight. If you have specific illumination requirements then these are the type of flashlights you must have. When it comes to a common household flashlight changing the intensity of the light is not something you really want. This feature will cost you much more money but will provide you with the light power of many flashlights in one. Defenseunit have an informative guide on how to chose the most effective tactical flashlight.

2. Range and Output

Flashlight Regardless if you are making use of your flashlight for hiking, outdoor camping, hunting, safety or for protection, the output and the range of the illumination is completely different for each situation. The distance of your light beam is probably not of such worry for domestic usage because it would be for backpacking or for camping out. Lumens is the standard in the field to measure intensity.

3. The LED Flashlight Bulb

Incandescent bulbs are what older flashlights used, which did not last too long and did not have an extremely vivid light output either. A flashlight that uses a LED bulb is always a good idea. The most efficient LED flashlights can last about 10,000 hours before they need to get swapped out, and they put out an extremely brighter beam that the incandescent bulbs cannot match.

4. How big is the Flashlight

The weight and size of the flashlight are among the most important things you should need to give some though when selecting a flashlight. Since you’ll be carrying your light as well as a lot of other supplies the most effective tactical flashlight will be very lightweight. You can look for a blend of a lighter weight flashlight that has the lumens you will need.

5. Normal and Rechargeable Batteries

Deciding on battery versus run time is one of the toughest decisions you’ll need to make when you choose a flashlight. Some flashlights make use of battery power more quickly compared to others, and it depends if you want to acquire more affordable batteries that will only last one time versus the higher priced rechargeable batteries that may be used frequently over. The best flashlight that’s rechargeable will allow you to use different sized batteries within the flashlight.Flashlight  2

6. The Value of the Flashlight

How much you’ll be able to spend on your tactical flashlight will mainly depend on your budget, but that doesn’t mean you should get the biggest flashlight out there. Compare every feature we previously mentioned and attempt to make the most features possible for your financial budget. Regardless if you’re a professional maintenance man, in law enforcement or an avid outdoors man and require a flashlight for survival, maintenance or safety, including the best features and remaining in your spending budget will guarantee you get the most for the amount of money you spend.

Use Of Drones In Modern-day Photography

flying drone

Technological innovations have revolutionized the world of photography. One notable development is the introduction of drones. These units are quite popular today. Some of these units are sold to amateur photographers. Other advanced units are sold to professionals for use in business or commercial applications. Owning a decent test du dji spark drone presents a lucrative way of making money. That said, here are some nifty ways that can see you make some extra coins using drones.

Real estate offerings

The property market has welcomed the use of islanddrones. Photos or videos taken by drones are used in creating real estate ads considering that drones can capture an additional view compared to conventional photography. For the best results, you only need to capture properties that are well kept and visually appealing. The best times to take your shots is early in the morning or just before the sun sets. Once you feel your best shots, you also need to do some editing a fine tuning to ensure you come up with something of decent quality.


This is another area where the use of drone photography has been widely embraced. An aerial view of guests interacting and the couples exchanging their vows is always well-appreciated. The best way to go about this when doing your wedding is to hire a photographer with considerable experience in drone photography. For someone trying out their luck in photography, the trick lies in buying a quality drone and try taping a few weddings for free before you acquire the right experience.

Rescue operations

droneDrones can be a huge asset when doing some rescue operations. These units give you a chance have a comprehensive view of the areas before making any move. Police and fire departments have well-appreciated use of drones in rescue operations. Police can use these innovative gadgets to keep up with a suspected criminal on the run. On the other hand, firefighters can use it to examine the situation in the rescue operation.

Running promotions

Drones have also been well appreciated in running promotional campaigns. One way to go about this is by doing some flying banner campaign. This a relatively new and untapped mode of advertising, which can be quite rewarding. Flags can be flown during parades, political campaigns, sporting contests and all manner of public gatherings.