The Top Features and Benefits of Gmail Fax

online fax

Sending a fax is now easier than ever before. In fact, you can receive faxes in your email and access them on mobile, tablet, laptop, and pc. Moreover, it is free and there is no software or hardware required. The following are some of the features and benefits of online fax:

Worldwide Access

gmail faxFaxes sent are not linked to any given location. Rather your fax to the fax number is linked to the email address. This means that instead of using a particular fax machine, the faxes will get to your email account. Since your email is not tied to a given location, you can access it from anywhere in the world. You have the opportunity to view the fax from anywhere without rushing to your office to view it. Also, if you are planning to travel, you do not need to inform people or have the faxes forward to you.

Free Service

The service is free to every person who receives fax through email. Usually, it is people that send you faxes are charged. In fact, you do not need any software or hardware other than a mobile phone or computer to receive and view faxes. In addition, you need a standard viewing software and internet connection. There is no need of buying a fax machine or an additional fax line to use the service.


Fax to Gmail is a system that converts the incoming faxes to the required digital format. Faxes arrive in the email on the computer rather than pointing them to a fax machine. The fact that faxes are email attachments, it means you can view them on the device screen by opening your email and clicking on fax document.


sending a fax emailFax to email is a great way to manage and receive faxes. The faxes that are sent to the email number are then converted to the email attachments. Thus, it is not a must to print out every fax to view it. You can view it privately on the computer. In fact, it is quite easy to view them on a wide range of dices such as mobiles, tablets, and laptop.


Online fax is quite efficient in many ways. For instance, you can have several numbers are you require. Thus, you can have different fax numbers for every department in your organization. You should note that fax to email does not need any fax printing.