The importance of using a leather wallet cover for your iPhone 7


When you have an expensive phone like the iPhone 7, security should be your biggest concern. When we talk about security, we don’t just mean keeping your phone safe from thieves, but we also mean keeping your phone secured from accidents. If you’ve ever owned a touch screen smart phone and in particular, an iPhone, you should know how expensive it can be to replace a cracked or broken screen.

Bulging pants aren’t flattering and walking around with a cellphone in your pocket or handbag might already be cumbersome. Over the year wallet manufacturers have been designing and making wallets for phones.

The latest wallets are designed with a slot for your phone and compartments for everything else that you normally carry with you. A high-end phone like the iPhone 7 demands a high-end wallet made with luxurious material that looks great and offers the best protection.

Here are some key features to look out for when selecting an iPhone wallet:

 The material

leather walletThe leather is always a good material. It is tough enough and can be worked to look stylish. You should make sure that the inner lining that touches the screen is made of fabric that is soft enough not to scratch the screen but also tough enough to survive the constant slipping in and out of cards.

 The Holster

Look for a wallet with a holster that will fit tightly around your phone.

 The stitching

Stay away from glued seams. Make sure that the seams are stitched with nylon instead of cotton because nylon is tougher, not fibrous and sleek enough not to show.

 The holes for the ports

The iPhone 7 has one port hole which doubles as a port for charging the battery. This phone does not have a headphone jack, so you don’t need too many holes in your wallet to use portholes. One is enough.

leather caseiPhone wallet cases can help keep your phone looking like new. If you are an Apple product enthusiast, then you will appreciate products that keep your prized possession protected. Leather looks beautiful, and leather wallets are available in a variety of colors and designs. You can find one that has the features mentioned above at low prices. Happy hunting.