Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Applications of solar energy

It is quite surprising that most people don’t consider using the most assured source of renewable energy, the sun. The sun provides solar energy via its ultraviolet rays. These rays can be harnessed and applied to accomplish some activities. In this articles, we look at some of the best applications of solar energy and maybe, make you interested in the technology.

Top implementation of solar energy

Home lightingSolar Energy

The introduction of LED light bulbs made solar a reliable means of home lighting. It is widely known that solar energy can be collected in proportional amounts, making many people avoid it. The introduction of LED light bulbs that use very little energy to produce sufficient light meant that solar energy could be used to light homes.

Powering laptops

Large companies such as Samsung produced a range of laptops that included a solar panel as their primary source of energy. These laptops were tailored for kids in underdeveloped parts of the world where conventional electricity was not available. The laptops illustrated a remarkable application of solar energy as a reliable source of energy.

Powering cars

Successfully demonstrated by Telsa and Kiira, a Ugandan automaker, solar is a viable power source for electric vehicles. Creating an off-grid electric car has been a human aspiration for many decades. The advent of solar energy ensured that this dream is achieved. If properly implemented, solar power could be the driving energy of tomorrow. People need to realize the potential of solar power and put more resources in it as it also helps reduce the carbon footprint caused by fuel propelled vehicle.

Water heating systems

This is a fascinating one. Solar energy is now a sSolar Energytandard method for heating water in most homes. The water heating system is usually placed on rooftops allowing it use the rays from the sun to heat water. It saves a lot as heating water with fuel, or direct electricity is very costly. The system is also cheaply available in most parts of the world. By paying a one-time fee for acquisition and installation, you can be assured to have lots of free hot water for about 20 years, before the system requires maintenance.

These are some of the best examples of how solar energy holds a lot of promise. The energy is clean and reusable, which will make life more affordable as they reduce the money spent on fuels, which happens to be a lot. Solar is the way to go, and its success starts with you, so take the initiative and go solar.